Sunday, 3 August 2008

Disclaimer - Reader Beware!

Remember how I warned that this blog should be read as an account of a student's progress and not as a manual? Well, here's a classic example of why I needed to say that. I got the explanation of the trim adjustment wrong, to the embarrassment of my instructor, Phil. Let's be clear about this, Phil knows his stuff and explains himself clearly. So when there are any glaring errors in my explanations it is just because I have misunderstood something or not yet ironed out the creases. I am on a steep learning curve here, processing loads of new stuff, so there are bound to be lots of glitches along the way.

In explaining trim I referred to the camber of the wing altering. That had been my impression having watched the spar bend, but that was not correct. I am not sure I can quite explain what it does do; I am hesitant to put what I think it does anyway.

So, Reader Beware - this is not a manual. Any errors are mine and mine alone.

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