Monday, 4 August 2008

Baked Beans, Air Law and RT

I am getting used to a diet of baked beans and Air Law, as the wind has been gusty the last few days. I flew yesterday, doing an exercise on low flying and incipient stalls; finally achieving a recovery with no loss of height, which chuffed me to bits! But my second hour was lost to weather, as were both of today's.

On Saturday I drove down to Popham for the show, which I do have to say was disappointing; nobody's fault, but the weather was awful for the first half of the day and there weren't nearly as many exhibitors as I expected...and nothing particularly thrilling flying. Sadly, I missed the Dragonfly and Viera flights, as they went up on the Sunday, the latter rather abortively, though even that would have been good to see. I believe in this aeroplane, even if it needs tweaking.

Cath and Ben flew the Dragonflies back to Sywell in about an hour and fifty minutes, which, when you consider that it is a 90 mile flight and other manufacturers dismiss it as merely a powered hang-glider, is pretty impressive - and inspires confidence! I just asked Cath about it and it only just occurred to her that it had been that long even, as the ride had been very comfortable; she says that long in a Eurostar would be murder on the back.

I am really settling-in now. While everyone was at Popham, and after my one hour flying, I did laundry, hanging my wet smalls on the flying wires of various aircraft in the hangar to dry. I created a little niche in the back of the hangar, where I am well out of the way. Someone had left a shop's clothes rack there, so I am using it to hang up my shirts, and I have boxes of books and other bits and pieces tidied away and my bedding hangs on the wing-rack.

I had been sleeping in a tent outside (with the inconvenience of having to take it down before eight every morning, as my site is an active airfield), but the last couple of nights, following a searing pain in my back at Popham, nobody seems to have minded me sleeping in the hangar on a folded carpet...rather than suffering sans-mattress in a tent. It meant that this morning I lay in until 7.40. Luxury!

Irwin, an experienced instructor and RT examiner is arranging an intensive two day course in RT for a small group of people for the end of August and has invited me to come on it. That is fantastic news because RT can take ages otherwise. I shall be able to leave here with an RT rating; though I am resigned to taking several months more (minimum) to get my flying licence.

While I am on the ground I am studying hard and keeping out from under people's feet. I think I'd been getting a bit of a nuisance hanging round - like a plane spotter - when people were trying to get on with work, so it is good to be hard at something...rather than just waiting for the wind to drop....which brings me back to the baked beans. I had them for breakfast this morning, after pre-flighting the aeroplane before Irwin, my instructor today, arrived.

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