Monday, 30 January 2012

lifting hangar trolley

I am working on something a bit exciting....a trolley to lift and move my Quantum in any direction in the hangar. Think of a trailer as an isosceles triangle. Then put a jockey wheel at each corner. Roll the trike on, then wind the jockey handles and the whole load will lift off the ground. Then castor the load to where you want it and put it down.

My welding will be the weak link, I think, but I haven't done too badly. I have made the base and ramps for the trike's rear wheels and the first of the outriggers (above)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Yesterday I took up my first ever non-pilot passenger, Darren. We flew out over Framlingham Castle. A superb flight. He certainly seemed to enjoy it.

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Darren, above, took the aerial shots.

Nb. A friend just asked whether I had intentionally left the trimmer completely wound off, but it is misleading in the pictures because the little brass nut which used to indicate trim would not grip and had slipped on the cable, so had to be removed. Until I replace it, I do trim, now, by judgement alone (winding it all the way off, then centralising it). Opinion differs, however, as to whether the changing of the trim on the Quantum makes much difference anyway.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


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Photos by Carl Wildon.
Thanks mate.

Mission accomplished!

The flight went absolutely fine. It took about 45 mins. It was uneventful, to be honest. I could see the field from a long way off but ran parallel to it for about ten minutes to avoid busting Wattisham airspace, only turning in North of Debenham, where I dropped to 900' to slip under the NE panhandle; though now I believe Wattisham prefer approaches from the East, which I will do in future.

I approached on long finals (straight towards the hangar, which is at the East end of the runway) then buzzed the hang gliders on the ground, having just seen one of them being launched in front of me. I waved at the ground and circled left and came in quite tightly, landing in the middle of the runway...then scooting back to the hangar to make room for the glider coming down.

Near the hangar, as I taxiied in, I saw Carl, who had been snapping away. I look forward to his shots, soon to appear on Facebook. I will download them and post them here. The hang glider pilots are a friendly, inclusive bunch. I also met the Chairman, Glen Reid, who flew-in in a light aircraft. Turns out he knows Mike Farr, who I went to school with! I met Mike again in 2001 at Davidstow, when he instructed there. Small world, flying.

I think I am going to like Mendlesham.


Today would not have been so successful without Darren and Carl. Not only did Darren pick me up and take me to Great Oakley this morning, but he also brought home my kit cabinet and jerry cans. Carl not only brought me home from Mendlesham but also brought me lunch - cheese sandwiches with a rather good relish, and some of Chrissy's cake!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

An important Nav-X

If all goes to plan and the weather is as forecast, I plan to fly to my new base tomorrow. I will be doing it entirely by chart and compass (no GPS), and don't know if I have ever been more thoroughly planned. I have studied the chart hard and done all the numbers (and hope the wind doesn't change its mind in the morning and mean that I have to adjust them all!).

I have a dread of getting lost (in three dimensions! - with no street names and road numbers)!

It feels quite an adventure, even if it is really only a 45 minute flight. I may talk to Wattisham as I fly under their NE panhandle, but it won't be a MATZ penetration, and they may not talk back anyway.

For logistics, I have one friend, Darren, driving me to Great Oakley and another, Carl, picking me up when I land and taking me home. I am enormously grateful to them, because this wouldn't be happening but for them; who knows when the wind will be this favourable at the weekend again this month?

Update - Sunday

I am now all thermally insulated and nearly ready for the off. Just checking TAFs and Notams. Excited. Wish me luck.