Sunday, 11 May 2014

finally getting back in the air

Had the pulmonary embolisms, the long period on Warfarin (now off it), the fortnightly blood tests, etc and now that I am fit, I am keen to get back in the air. I am waiting for my Medical Declaration to be signed by the GP, have renewed my lapsed BMAA membership and....

...have bought a second plane! It is a low hours Pegasus Q. I plan to permit it this week and possibly get the Quantum done too. Then I will sell the Quantum. I will get better economy with the Q, and because it is a cheaper, older aeroplane, I think I will feel I can justify having it, later in the year, when I hope to get a 3-axis aeroplane too.

And with the latter in mind I need to complete my interrupted fixed wing conversion. So, exciting times!