Sunday, 19 February 2012

My most challenging landing ever

I probably shouldn't have flown at all today (probably should revise the cross-wind 1/6th by 10deg segment rule) but if I had sensibly aborted I would have missed an exciting flight, which took me over an interesting windmill (must photograph it from the air soon) on the way to Fram castle, which I skirted again.

But for the first time ever I had a hairy take-off, and the landing was easily the most challenging, most scary and undoubtedly most skilfully executed of any that I have ever done. The problem was that the wind was a North-westerly blowing around 17mph abeam when I landed on the East-West runway. So I crabbed sideways up the runway, nose into wind, keeping power on, then dropping straight at the last minute. Crikey, I was glad to be down after that, I can tell you!

I took off with a 14mph crosswind, which I really shouldn't have attempted. I gather my aircraft's limitation is 11mph! I am an idiot, I know...but it was exciting.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Quantum Leaper nearly done

(click image for larger slideshow)

With the wheel retracted, the trolley sits flat on the ground. Wind the handle anti-clockwise to raise the trolley on the jockey wheel gear.

Here we see the trolley raised for manoeuvring.

Successfully loaded 250kg on to the Leaper. Finishing touches left to do. Time will tell whether it is capable of moving a load, but as it has only cost me a couple of weekends and a free load of scrap steel, if it fails it will have been a worthwhile experiment anyway.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Right, but for 7 nuts and bolts to hold it all together, I have finished my Quantum Leaper....and, on the whole, I am rather pleased with it. But of course I haven't tested it it may be a complete flop. I haven't even erected it anywhere yet - Not got anywhere dry, which is big enough.

Will keep you posted.