Sunday, 19 February 2012

My most challenging landing ever

I probably shouldn't have flown at all today (probably should revise the cross-wind 1/6th by 10deg segment rule) but if I had sensibly aborted I would have missed an exciting flight, which took me over an interesting windmill (must photograph it from the air soon) on the way to Fram castle, which I skirted again.

But for the first time ever I had a hairy take-off, and the landing was easily the most challenging, most scary and undoubtedly most skilfully executed of any that I have ever done. The problem was that the wind was a North-westerly blowing around 17mph abeam when I landed on the East-West runway. So I crabbed sideways up the runway, nose into wind, keeping power on, then dropping straight at the last minute. Crikey, I was glad to be down after that, I can tell you!

I took off with a 14mph crosswind, which I really shouldn't have attempted. I gather my aircraft's limitation is 11mph! I am an idiot, I know...but it was exciting.

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