Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wing rigging and de-rigging with Steve

This afternoon, in a quiet period at Rougham, after Steve had already spent a long and very busy day marshalling well over 100 aeroplanes, he very kindly came across the main runway to a quiet spot to meet me and Lizzie, who I had brought rather than the trike, to take me through the entire procedure for rigging and de-rigging my wing. (more about this later)

Afterwards, we considered the tricky business of loading a wing onto a roof-rack and experimented with an idea I saw on YouTube, which kayakists and canoeists use, where you stick an outrigger out from your rack, which you prop one end of the wing or boat on, then lift the other end on to the rack. It worked rather well (using a metal stake we found in a barn) and was considerably simpler than a roller mechanism I welded up in the workshop this morning.

Co-incidentally, Jeremy suggested the very same solution this evening! Here is his link . Many thanks Jeremy - great minds think alike!

Thank you, Steve, for the excellent instruction (and for the check-list), and Lizzie for helping me unload when I got home.

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