Saturday, 24 October 2009


Other exciting news is that I now have varifocal glasses, making it possible to see both at a distance (I am short sighted) and read a map on my lap. Young eyes are able to change shape enabling them to adjust for both short and long distance, but in your mid forties, typically, the eye hardens and makes this adjustment difficult, so that while I have used the same prescription for ten years for reading as for driving (and everything else), recently I have noticed that it has been easier to take my specs off for reading....and that has made it very difficult indeed to read a map while flying. Hopefully varifocals will make both possible.

For anyone unfamiliar with these things, you look through the middle and upper parts of the lense to see middle and long distance, and through the lower part of the lens for reading. Getting used to them typically takes a couple of weeks, but luckily my prescription isn't too bad, so I am already getting used to them.

For flying on bright days I also have varifocal shades which look very cool indeed...with head hugger stems, making it easy to slip them under a helmet or headphones.

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