Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dambuster pilot

Steve Wilson gave me my Rougham air-side marshalling induction today, though there was no opportunity to put it into practice, as with enormously strong winds blowing all day, we only saw a gyrocopter and a Yak 52, both of which were marshalled by Steve and Felix.

A highlight of the afternoon, however, was decanting a large tanker lorry into a bowser, simply under atmospheric moving the bowser to lower ground behind an ex-RAF airfield tractor, formerly property of 617 Squadron of Dambusters fame.

Peter Eager (famous airshow commentator) radioed up to say that it was wanted over the other side of the airfield, so as Felix had his car to take back, he asked me to do the honours with the bowser, and naturally I was delighted. However, it was a bugger to get in gear and what I initially thought was first, turned out to be third, but as it was very torquey indeed, it still happily pulled away and but for a very hard ride (murder on any erk's back), was quite fun to drive. The funny thing is that all the pedals are on the right of the gearbox, so you have to sit off-set on it.

Tomorrow, when the afternoon is quiet, Steve and I are going to practise rigging and derigging my wing. Today, he and I drove around the runways so that I could see the layout, as this will be my flying base.

a post-war ground crew of 72 Sqn on a David Brown tractor.

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