Monday, 5 October 2009

red check

The mobile tower at Rougham is provided in the form of a truck (with a collapsing chassis) known affectionately as the "ice-cream van", but carries a stern warning not to ask for ice-cream. Spot the clue that it was not kept busy on the 3rd, when it was blowing a gale outside.

In by-gone years, this caravan (below) did the same job at another airfield before being purchased by Rougham's owner, Sir John Agnew, who I haven't met yet, but who is very much a man of the people and a great aviation enthusiast. It is down to his attitude to flying that I am allowed to fly at Rougham.

This weekend it doubled as a hangar for Felix's model aeroplane. It is rather cosy, with a bunk on one side, storage space, a hatch at the top of a ladder and a swivel chair poking up into a cloche-style tower, about as roomy as the cockpit of a Messerschmitt 109

I clambered up into it and saw that albeit cramped, it gave a good view of the field and I think it would be great if it was used more. It is a beautiful bit of kit.

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