Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Eveleigh Dragonfly trolley system Works!

It takes 30 seconds to bolt the narrow gauge wheels to the bracket (which is fixed in place on the rear of keel). Roll narrow gauge wheels up on to chock trolley, which lifts the whole rear of the trike up, thus lifting the undercarriage clear of the ground. Retract undercarriage.

The whole trike can now be pushed easily across the floor and lined up with the front door. Pull the trike by the foot pedals, stepping out the door....lining the wheels up with the door (mini ramp to be made tonight)

The trike goes through the door ....

....and round corners, with ease

What the pics do not show is that, of course, I will be able to transport the trike in a small van with the monopole folded forward and with the prop and all body work (apart from bottom panel) left in place.....saving valuable time and my back!

Before fitting wing, put main gear down, remove narrow gauge wheels
and bolt bottom panel on.


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