Friday, 24 July 2009

Aborted run

This wet and windy weather is so frustrating. Why is it always glorious in term-time, then awful once we break up?

I have been planning a cross-country (my final qualifier) from Sywell to Sutton Meadows and back and have a pretty clear idea of the route, the features I will look out for, distances, bearings, etc; and I have been interpreting the TAFs daily and liaising with Neill in the hope of getting an evening flight in.

Finally, when I was all set to forget it this afternoon, Neill convinced me that it was worth the gamble (about 50:50 -Squally showers around Sywell and pressure rising with winds dropping....though winds around Cambridge had been forecast at up to 15kt, gusting 25 ...but would now be improving). So I leapt into the car about 4ish and headed up the A14....(well, that's once I got to the A14, which took half an hour!).....then, two hours later, when I'd normally have been arriving at Sywell, I was still only half way there. Traffic was murder. I stopped at the services and told Neill there was no way I'd be there soon enough to do my flight plan and get going, with only a little over two hours spare before sunset.

I aborted the dash, turned around and headed home.

I have decided that if I don't get a decent gap to do the cross-country in the next fortnight, I will get a restricted licence so that at least everything (solo hours and exams) is protected (exams are valid for a year; solo hours for 9 months). I can always do the qualifier later in the summer . . . .

. . . .What summer?


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