Friday, 22 February 2019

Hangar Dolley

 I needed my trike to be more manoeuvrable in the hangar. I constructed this dolley from a motorbike turntable ...modified with some welded-in steel, and added in a motorbike trailer ramp.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019


Prompted to say my name, Peter, when my little sister was a baby, she managed "bubu", which became Boo. I have been Boo ever since; my sister Beth, occasionally, is Bethy-Boo.

So it is a happy coincidence that my new plane's registration is BU 


Sunday, 20 January 2019

I own a historic Chaser

I knew I was buying a developmental Chaser, but amazingly, I have just discovered that I own the very one used to advertise the type!

In fact, I picked it up from South Wales only yesterday, with my mate Doug Clark. A week ago we did the same 500+ mile round trip to pick up the wing and another trike from Paul Wilkinson. Both trikes were Paul's and you couldn't wish to do a deal like this with a more helpful and knowledgeable guy.

Here she is now, looking very sorry for herself, 27 years on.

I shall be flying the original wing, which Doug inspected and said is still a good one, on a different trike, which has a later, more convenient rigging set-up, but which was involved in a roll-over, so that its own wing tubes were bent. Still, it gives me a spare sail and a spare engine on the red trike, unless I get a better offer.

Here is Paul, about to set off and demonstrate the white one. Looks fantastic, doesn't it!

Looking forward to flying her soon!

Untangling spaghetti for less than a P&M fortune

If you hate the idea that behind the pristine instrument panel of your pristine plane lies a diabolical spaghetti of wiring, and if you are willing to take out another mortgage to get P&M to tidy the wiring into something with the order and elegance of a good circuit diagram, worthy of your otherwise beautiful aeroplane, they now offer this as a service, I understand.

When Doug and I were visiting a friend's airfield in Wales yesterday we were handed an illustrated mail-out about the service. Everyone in the room was outraged that P&M were offering to tidy up a mess of their own making, but what infuriated Doug more was the realisation that the re-wiring that had inspired this P&M money-spinner was work that Doug had done and which they had admired when he had gone over to Manton to have something else put right on his trike.

above and below: Doug's excellent work

So, if you would like Doug to untangle the spaghetti behind your panel and make it something logical and worthy of the admiration of the best in the business, and you don't want to pay P&M prices, contact Doug Clark.


Friday, 7 December 2018


Well, that is flattering. I just talked to someone selling a Chaser and when I told him my email address he recognised the name Tinworm and told me he was a reader of this very blog!

Hi Paul!

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Wash 'n Go!

After flying with Richard for an hour and a half (P1 for about 45 mins of that), I dropped him off at the hangar and went off for a final solo circuit, before coming back to the hangar to negotiate the sale of my half share,  That last circuit was bittersweet...and the landing was a greaser; a great way to end three and a half years of fantastic flying. 

I really couldn't have had a better plane-share partner. Richard Noremberg (seen here washing BUC, which he put on her tail to test out his new cordless washer) is an experienced three-axis pilot, who like me came from flexwing. But while he feels that fixed wing is where he belongs, he knows that I have never really felt that it is really my thing. I have been itching to go back to flexwing for some time....and of course, in the meantime I have started doing gyrocoptering, too.

Almost looks like it is taking off!

Richard has been very generous with his time and expertise - often allowing me to take P1, as he lives more locally and can more easily get flying than I can, and I have benefited from his guidance. When I am on my own and flying a little too nose high, I can hear his voice in my head saying, "Watch your speed!"

Well, we have done the deal, the money is in the bank, and now I am on the look-out for a flexwing - possibly something classic: maybe a Chaser S, a Flash 2 Alpha or a Pegasus XL-Q?

If anyone has something suitable for sale, or is aware of anything, please shout! Email

And finally, a huge thanks to Rich for the last few years.


Sunday, 30 September 2018


I have decided to learn to fly gyros,
known variously as autogyros, gyroplanes or gyrocopters. 
But they are all the same thing.

I shall be blogging my progress in a new blog,