Sunday, 20 January 2019

Untangling spaghetti for less than a P&M fortune

If you hate the idea that behind the pristine instrument panel of your pristine plane lies a diabolical spaghetti of wiring, and if you are willing to take out another mortgage to get P&M to tidy the wiring into something with the order and elegance of a good circuit diagram, worthy of your otherwise beautiful aeroplane, they now offer this as a service, I understand.

When Doug and I were visiting a friend's airfield in Wales yesterday we were handed an illustrated mail-out about the service. Everyone in the room was outraged that P&M were offering to tidy up a mess of their own making, but what infuriated Doug more was the realisation that the re-wiring that had inspired this P&M money-spinner was work that Doug had done and which they had admired when he had gone over to Manton to have something else put right on his trike.

above and below: Doug's excellent work

So, if you would like Doug to untangle the spaghetti behind your panel and make it something logical and worthy of the admiration of the best in the business, and you don't want to pay P&M prices, contact Doug Clark.


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