Sunday, 20 January 2019

I own a historic Chaser

I knew I was buying a developmental Chaser, but amazingly, I have just discovered that I own the very one used to advertise the type!

In fact, I picked it up from South Wales only yesterday, with my mate Doug Clark. A week ago we did the same 500+ mile round trip to pick up the wing and another trike from Paul Wilkinson. Both trikes were Paul's and you couldn't wish to do a deal like this with a more helpful and knowledgeable guy.

Here she is now, looking very sorry for herself, 27 years on.

I shall be flying the original wing, which Doug inspected and said is still a good one, on a different trike, which has a later, more convenient rigging set-up, but which was involved in a roll-over, so that its own wing tubes were bent. Still, it gives me a spare sail and a spare engine on the red trike, unless I get a better offer.

Here is Paul, about to set off and demonstrate the white one. Looks fantastic, doesn't it!

Looking forward to flying her soon!

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