Sunday, 26 June 2011

My first ever aerial shots

Images look clearer if you click on them

Towards the Orwell bridge, Ipswich

The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook

sailing on Alton Water

Well, after all that build-up, I aborted my Rougham jaunt when I had radio problems (you can't do a MATZ penetration unless you can talk to the ground), so while Doug and Sam went on, I went back to the hangar and tried helmet number three and my Microavionics headphones. Success.

Then I flew over to the Orwell, via Mistley, back to where I had my engine problems on the edge of Ipswich.....kind of a case of getting back on my horse, which makes it an especially worthwhile trip, which more than made up for missing out on Rougham.

And this time, on the way, I took several aerial shots...and trust me, it is NOT easy flying flex and taking pics. These are my first attempts. I know they wouldn't win prizes, but I don't think they are a bad start.

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