Friday, 10 June 2011

I flew my Quantum

Thanks to Craig, I flew my Quantum today. I don't mind admitting that not having flown a Quantum for two years, almost to the day, and then with a 912 rather than my 582, I was really very anxious about climbing into one and flying it without at least a decent briefing. But Craig did much better than that. He fitted his training bars to my A-frame (he is going to be an instructor) and flew in the back...thus talking me through everything.

I felt a whole lot happier about things after that. So when he and Sam suggested I flew up to Bentwaters with them, I decided that I would. But unfortunately my radio battery was low and I couldn't transmit, so I stayed close to the airfield and just did some familiarisation for 45 minutes. Later I did a further 20 mins before packing up. Sam and I are going to fly on an expedition somewhere tomorrow, though to be honest, I am not planning on making it too ambitious to start with; I'll just be satisfied with flying over Ipswich via the Orwell Bridge...and seeing my house.

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