Saturday, 25 June 2011

I am rusty with navigation, I said. Take WD40, she said.

Tomorrow a small squadron from Great Oakley - Sam, Craig, Doug and myself - are flying over to Rougham for the West Suffolk Country Fair, where, once we are parked, there will be an airshow. It is only really a short jaunt, but I have spent all afternoon reminding myself how to do proper navigation...even though Sam rang to say, "The rest of us will be on GPS. Just follow us".

It is absolutely ages since I worked out triangles of velocities, headings magnetic, etc; calculated fuel use and endurance....and all that stuff. It will be interesting to see how accurate my figures are.

I hope the wind doesn't go and make fools of the forecasters, or I will be re-working all my figures in the morning.

Or maybe I will just follow everyone else.

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