Saturday, 25 June 2011

Flying through the desperation barrier!

Colleagues and friends think I am clever, being able to fly. But honestly, I feel like a complete numpty most of the time. All the blokes I come across at Great Oakley really know their stuff, while I am someone who simply cannot retain info once an exam is passed. It worries me how much I have forgotten, and the number of times that I say stuff, in all innocence, which shows me to be a complete idiot!

I wonder if other pilots feel, as I do, that it is miracle they stay alive up there, knowing so little....and apparently in danger of forgetting the little they know?

Is this a phase you have to go through, as a post GST novice?

I reassure myself that it is very much similar to the feeling I had just before I finally cracked the landing business. After yet another dodgy landing, I threw my hands up in the air, metaphorically (thank goodness for that), and swore that I was never going to get this. At that point, Neill (instructor) tells me now, he knew that I had gone through the wall.....that next time I would have it!


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