Saturday, 4 June 2011

Rang the owner to discuss buying this!

I just couldn't help myself...I rang the owner of the previously mentioned MW6 to discuss possibly buying this quirky aeroplane. It turns out that its inspection a month or so ago discovered corroded main spar brackets, which need to be replaced (fabricated from drawings) and I thought to myself, Sam and I could easily do that....what with his skills and my enthusiasm..., and though it transpired that he won't be in on it (not as a shareholder, anyway) as he has other fish to fry, I am still interested, not least of all because without a permit, and with all that work involved, it is going to be VERY cheap.

Many here know that I did A levels at Filton Tech, across the road from BAe Systems, or as it was known then, British Aerospace; and that I now collect anything and everything to do with Bristol Aeroplane Company (its fore-runner). Well, interestingly, Mike Whittaker, who designed the MW range of kit-build aeroplanes, was an engineer at their Filton plant. It is jokingly said that the MWs were the last complete aircraft produced at Filton...

. . .which is another reason why I'd like to have this MW6 (however tenuous the BAC link)

My check-pilot tells me it would be "good fun for a bimble on a calm day"- very strong, low wing-loading, slow...and will burn about 17litres an hour....which is high!

I did a search on Google and found these images and contacted the photographer, Wallace Shackleton, to ask if I could to use them. They appear here now with Wallace's kind permission.


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