Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Thank goodness I left SSDR behind. I know SSDRs who haven't flown in weeks, yet I flew today despite rigging in some of the scariest conditions...all the time imagining being struck by lightening or my trike being blown over. No way at all would I have got a Dragonfly out in such circumstances, yet when I was ready to fly, the wind dropped and I was off.

I had decided not to fly today after a promised 5mph wind turned into a 14mph, according to XC Weather. I'd been given the afternoon off in lieu of a meeting I have to chair on Friday, a day I am not contracted to work ordinarily. So I was gutted when the time off was wasted. Then, around 5 Sam rang and asked why I wasn't flying. He even suggested I don't have passion, which got me fired up, and 10mins later I was on the road.

I had a heck of a time trying to start the Quantum and needed Craig's expertise to get it going, but I am glad Sam nagged me because my SSDR reticence might otherwise have got the better of me and I might have missed another evening's flying.

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