Saturday, 11 June 2011

Keep your flashy car and your drop kerb; I'm going flying!

A friend came to the airfield yesterday and said what they all say, "I really envy you, Pete. I wish I could do this", and of course I said, "Don't envy me, do it!" and they said, "I can't afford it".

And I have been thinking about that.

It isn't cheap. No flying is cheap, as such. But microlighting is the "affordable" end of flying...because the costs involved equate to the price of a car, and not necessarily an expensive one. My plane, for instance, just cost me a bit over five grand. Hangarage takes a hundred out of your pocket each month. Then there's oil, fuel, insurance, BMAA and CAA fees, landing fees all mounts up.....but then it can in any hobby. And while it can be a lot more expensive than other hobbies, it is a question of priorities. I have never had a new car; I always have a banger. I don't have expensive holidays and I don't have kids.

My very territorial neighbour keeps trying to persuade me to get a drop kerb. He hovers by his window, ready to spring out of his chair and harangue any neighbour who encroaches on his territory by parking across his drop kerb..and I just think, keep your bloody drop kerb and your flashy car (I could have got a Quik for what you paid for that) . . .

I am going flying!

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