Saturday, 7 January 2012

An important Nav-X

If all goes to plan and the weather is as forecast, I plan to fly to my new base tomorrow. I will be doing it entirely by chart and compass (no GPS), and don't know if I have ever been more thoroughly planned. I have studied the chart hard and done all the numbers (and hope the wind doesn't change its mind in the morning and mean that I have to adjust them all!).

I have a dread of getting lost (in three dimensions! - with no street names and road numbers)!

It feels quite an adventure, even if it is really only a 45 minute flight. I may talk to Wattisham as I fly under their NE panhandle, but it won't be a MATZ penetration, and they may not talk back anyway.

For logistics, I have one friend, Darren, driving me to Great Oakley and another, Carl, picking me up when I land and taking me home. I am enormously grateful to them, because this wouldn't be happening but for them; who knows when the wind will be this favourable at the weekend again this month?

Update - Sunday

I am now all thermally insulated and nearly ready for the off. Just checking TAFs and Notams. Excited. Wish me luck.


Beth said...

gulp! good luck xx

Tinworm said...

:) Thanks Beth x