Thursday, 7 August 2008

final, not finals

Another superb day, though you wouldn't have known it was going to be at the start, when my first flight was a single circuit in ominous skies. Phil and I were pretty sure that the afternoon flight would be off.

However, the afternoon was dry and sunny, with little wind, so I did touch and go's (not sure how to pluralise go. Dad?) landings. Phil was very complimentary. My downwind checks definitely improved, my turns became tidier but I did land long a few times and climbed out with little room to spare, which meant hurtling towards (and undoubtedly putting the wind up) the workmen building the new runway!

I improved my anticipation on the turn on to the short final. Phil was very strict on the term, it's final, not finals. That reminded me of Douglas Bader's instructor saying, "Never, never call it a plane, Bader, it is an aeroplane".

It has always been aeroplane for me and now I will always, always call it a final leg!

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