Monday, 18 August 2008


I'd meant to recount my progress here but haven't really done that recently. I have now done ten hours and am doing circuits, with occasional bits of local flying to do advanced turns, engine failure stuff etc.

If only the weather would settle I could really get on with my landings, which I haven't been able to do for over a week now. I have done 8, the last of which, Neil assures me, I did with no physical help at all. I have a real sense that the breakthrough is only an hour away, that I will really click with it; to be fair, I have only done an hour of them.....but that breakthrough really feels tantalisingly close.

It means that soloing is an ever increasing possibility.....not quite imminent, but all the same, it looms on the horizon....and before I can do it I need to have passed my Air Law, so I am studying hard while the weather is bad. So, bad weather isn't really bad. It provides an opportunity for a concerted effort on the less interesting part of learning to fly.

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