Monday, 4 August 2008

a Fixed Wing or Trike dilemma


It was suggested to me today that if I had opted to do fixed rather than flex wing, I'd have flown many of the hours which have been cancelled because of wind. That really got me thinking. I am here for a month (and am 4 days into that) and if I am to use the time well, might I be better off learning fixed wing then converting my licence to flexwing with extra hours later, or continuing with flexwing and taking the rough with the smooth?

I talked to Irwin, who asked what I wanted to get out of it in the long run. I said that their school had inspired me to want to be able to fly both types, as all of the staff here do. Irwin said I will make much greater progress on fixed wing - and that perhaps the only thing hampering that will be an availability of aircraft.

If I do fixed wing and build hours with that I will need to join a fixed wing syndicate and probably fly out of here on weekends (probably coming up on the bike) until I can afford to do the conversion. How much will this eat into the aeroplane budget and will I have to get a second hand machine rather than the Dragonfly?

So, I have a dilemma: flex or fixed first?

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