Sunday, 17 August 2008

Piss and Puke

I'm told that in the bar of The Aviator the other night everyone was talking about the student pilot who had been seen puking outside the Pilots' Mess. What amused all the pilots present, who understand a chap getting sick doing advanced turns or stalling, or whatever, was that this student pilot hadn't even been up yet.

I'd had a week of pooing out both ends and nausea and thought I was on the mend, then drove back up here feeling constipated and bloated, wolfed a few raisins down and went into my briefing on advanced turns. I felt queezy throughout the briefing...and had to rush out and only just got over grass before hurling.

Ben bumped into Neil when he went to get me some water and when Neil said what had happened, said, "I hope you are still charging him for the hour". We put it down as ground school.

I wouldn't have imagined that anyone could top that, but king of one-up-man-ship, Stew, pissed himself in the school's Alatus glider demonstrator. I managed to put my most sympathetic "do you have PE kit at school?" face, assuming he'd be deeply embarrassed, but he seems rather proud of himself. Apparently he has done it before, so presumably he is going for some sort of record?

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