Tuesday, 5 August 2008

You only Live Twice

Bond, Stewart Bond (no, seriously, that's his name!)
examines the knocked-down Dragonfly

You know the scene where James Bond's latest gadget, WA116 - Little Nellie - is delivered and then is seen effectively assembling itself in stop-motion? Well, it struck me that Ben and Co. could do that with the Dragonfly for YouTube and publicity.

I did suggest that at Popham it would be good to display one Dragonfly dismantled. I think Ben is inclined to overlook the value that will be placed on the aeroplane's amazing portability; he designed it for the job, but this is an aspect that can get overlooked, it seemed to me. He took the idea on board: Three dragonflies were taken: one red, one yellow and a prototype in its own luggage. Look how small it packs down! It really would fit in the back of my Metro! The wing will have to stick out 3' either end of my car, but there ya go.

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