Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Fixed wing

Weather is crap: cloudbase 1400' QNH and very bumpy - wind speed 18 knots on the ground. I just went up with Phil to do a met check in a Eurostar, which is fixed wing. An entirely different flying experience. The inputs are tiny. I think you could get bored very quickly. When you fly a flexwing, you are really flying because you are flying the wing. Flying a fixed wing is just like sitting in a car...and the closest common analogy would be the difference between driving a Metro and riding a motorbike.

We were cruising at 80 and it felt like nothing special...just like a car.....but do 80 on a bike and you are really feel the force. Sure, I'd like a fixed wing group A licence because of the potential to fly classics and warbirds if I win the lottery(and I want to do the 3-axis conversion because there ARE some 3 axis microlights I'd like to try....like the Viera), but really I don't want to be an aeroplane driver.....

.....I want to fly

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