Friday, 22 August 2008

All change

Last night, ringing a friend back home, I felt pretty depressed. My summer holiday is running out quickly and I feel that when I am not flying, which is most of the time (flown three hours in the last two weeks) I am achieving far too little (and you can't study ALL the time). Meanwhile, back home lots isn't getting done that could fitting the leafsprings to the 101, mounting the axles, etc. Ask anyone and they will tell you that I always like to feel I am achieving something in my spare time.

So, I was depressed. The weather, as everyone in the UK knows, has been awful, seemingly for ever....and every day is a round of expectation, disappointment, waiting, disappointment, waiting, waiting, waiting. I told my friend that if the weather didn't change by the weekend, I was going to cancel next week's bookings and go home and get on with stuff which is not weather dependent. I was willing to risk the weather improving while I was away; I'd be philosophical about it.

Another driving factor is my gut which has been crappy, due to a lousy diet (living out of a microwave and eating out)...and I don't think I recovered fully from the bug I had at home. I get little sleep, to be honest, sleeping in the hangar or tent and I am desperate for the comforts of home.

This morning, all changed, following a night of rain crashing down on the hangar roof. The sun was out, the sky clearing and almost no wind.


Neill and I went on a fantastic flight, with about 15mins spent catching up (I'd got rusty), then we did some advanced turns, engine failures etc and, best of all a landing-out at Pitsford, a small grass strip. Most wonderful of all about this was that I flew the approach and the landing myself, with only verbal prompts.



It is the most fantastic location: a lake for sailing, an airstrip, a beautiful farm house and massive barns fit for conversion or hangarage. Glorious. The family which owns it is very sympathetic to microlights and very welcoming. Landing fees are voluntary and go towards the Air Ambulance. I regret not having had my wallet with me.

Neill and I took each other's pictures with G-CEGJ with the reservoir in the background, then I took us off back to Sywell, where I did a half decent landing. On the way back we kept a Harvard in sight as it was doing aerobatics...and Neil took some photos for his scrapbook.

That took care of the flying. Cath took care of the comforts of life by suggesting a B&B and I decided to splash out and book four nights in a row next week. It is a luxury I can't afford for a whole month, but under the circumstances......

When I told Neill I was abandoning the hangar for a B&B he said I had crashed in his estimation.....he'd thought I was hardcore! ;)

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