Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Stalling with Irwin

I flew with Irwin for the first time today, and I do have to say I was rather nervous flying with someone new and particularly as he is not only an instructor but also an examiner; and more than that an instructor of new instructors! Irwin was going to be an intimidatingly hard man to impress.

But I have to say that he put me completely at my ease and is really an enormously likeable guy. I had an exhilerating hour and ten minutes of stalling, preceded by a very long and detailed briefing-cum-ground school on lift. He wanted to give me something meaty to really get my teeth into, when I chew it all over in my head. I appreciated the time Irwin put in with me today. He is very conscious of the amount of time I have been grounded and of how determined I am, so he really went out of his way to see to it that I flew, when Phil was unable to take me up, as he has strained his shoulder.

Irwin was enormously encouraging, saying that for the few hours I have flown I have good habits, good airmanship and sound mastery of the wing, ....or something like that :)

One new for me today was that he got me to talk to the tower! So, my RT training has begun. And now I am to start circuits. Progress!

The end of a brilliant day.

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