Monday, 11 August 2008

School holiday lurgy coincides with un-flyable weather

A visit home, brought forward to coincide with un-flyable weather, and I have school-holiday lurgy, which normally comes on earlier in the holiday but has presumably been kept at bay by the concentration of effort on learning to fly; just as it is kept at bay by the concentration of effort on teaching.

Nobody wants to be ill, but I'd just as soon it was now rather than when I go back to Sywell, where I don't really have anywhere I can crawl into a hole and where I'd rather be fit to fly, naturally.

This was largely on Neil's advice. He has been teaching me how to read TAFs and showed me how dodgy the weather looked for the next few days. I had intended coming home Thursday, but by then the weather was forecast to settle down. I am glad I came away on short notice, but I did feel incredibly tired on the way home, slept for three hours when I got here, visited a friend briefly and then slept a further 12 hours, punctuated by periods on the loo and lying, blurry-headed, on the bathroom floor!

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