Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A "wasted" hour saves my sanity

If I hadn't got up in the air for an hour with Phil this morning, I'd have slit my wrists.

Jeeez....I worked out, as I was lying on my deflated mattress at 6.45 this morning, trying to block out the noise of a power tool on the runway construction site, that I had only flown one hour in the last 12 days.....and the waste of time before and since that hour just killed me. I always like to be making progress, whatever I do in life, but here, beyond learning Air Law etc, I have no real purpose; so much so that when Ben asked me to dog-sit I practically fell at his feet with gratitude.


Thank goodness Phil felt the sky was flyable this morning and we got up and did 4 or 5 circuits, one of which he flew himself to judge whether my difficulties were due to rustiness or bumpy air. I hated being a passenger, but I took the points from the demo and flew a much better, smoother and more precise circuit, followed by an unassisted landing.

There I was feeling like I am progressing towards solo, however, and then I met and had lunch with two pilots who each did well over 40 hours before they soloed! Oh God, let me be better than that! One of them did well over a hundred landings! I have now done only 12! Maybe I am not in such a hurry to get Air Law out of the way after all?

Phil said he felt that it was too rough for me really to progress and he doesn't want me wasting air time, getting frustrated. But to be honest, that waste of air time saved my sanity. I now have 11 hours total and about 10 days of the summer holiday left.

Surely I can get some more hours in in that time?

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