Thursday, 31 July 2008

Evening flying

I had an afternoon lesson at 3 today but we rushed home after one circuit because of a threatening storm, though frustratingly the storm never arrived and I have wandered around looking at lovely flyable weather. Nobody's fault.

Incredibly kindly, Cath has contacted an instructor who may take me on for evenings, under the auspices of the school, seeing as I am here all the time anyway.

Everyone at Flylight is getting ready for Popham. I have a lesson for Sunday morning, so will need to be able to get back if I go down, which may well mean driving...but there is a slight chance of getting a seat in somebody's aeroplane, which would be fantastic.

I have decided to be cheeky and ask people on the field whether I can make myself useful as congenial, talking ballast. Since I have been here I have seen several Tiger Moths (which are operated by Delta, who do joyrides), Chipmunks, a Harvard, numerous helicopter types and others

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