Saturday, 13 February 2010

Dream Classic - ready to fly - £4,000

God, if I could afford it, I would snap this one up. Stuart Ball is asking less for it than you would pay for an un-built one.....and like anything you care to attempt, building one of these is bound to take ages and be fraught with difficulties and delays - as the Grass Strip Aviation people's Eindecker shows. I saw that one half way through the project at Popham two years ago and it has only just been finished.....and they are the experts!

I promised Stuart I would put his aeroplane, which I have always felt looks pretty much like a Demoiselle (the bamboo one flown by the womanising Frenchman in Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines) on my blog, but having delayed a week or two it may have gone already. Stuart is going to use the proceeds of the sale (£4,
000) to build a Pouchel, which regular readers will know is
a fascination of mine....original Pouchels were made with aluminium ladders!

Stuart has done a beautiful job on his Dream Classic...and I know of no others of the same design which are actually ready to fly in the UK.
If you are interested in Stuart's, you can contact him on the address he provided in his BMAA advert: or phone him on 01283 760303 .

Update (as of 18th Feb)
If it hasn't been sold by then, Grass Strip Aviation are due to be exhibiting and possibly flying Stuart's Dream Classic at Popham this summer. Also, Stuart reports that his Pouchel is now part built and he needs more space now to continue the project.

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