Saturday, 13 February 2010

Colibri - a measurable challenge

The Bronze Colibri

(Colibri is French for hummingbird)

I have found a challenge to work towards: the Bronze Colibri, which I read about this month in Microlight Flying in an article by Keith Negal (the guy who organised Bleriot on this side of La Manche, and who touchingly offered to fly slowly to see me safely across).

Reading it, I remembered that Neill Howarth showed me his before I knew what one was. He has a gold one; no surprises there!

This is just like the Cubs all over again (I don't think I got past my Bronze Arrow). Badges are won by performing flying tasks, accurately.The most interesting is the engine-off landing, though these days it can be done at idle. But Paul Dewhurst says it is sacrilege to fly the Dragonfly with engine-on more than 50% of the time so, what the hell, I will do some engine cutting practice and do it as was originally intended.

Requirements for Bronze Colibri badge:

a) 20 hours solo on Microlight or Paramotor aircraft including at least 50 flights.
b) 3 precision landings within 10 m of the centre of a given spot.
c) 1 precision landing within 20 m of the centre of a given spot from a height of 300 m (1000 ft) AGL with the throttle fully closed. Demonstration of correct go-around (overshoot) procedure.
d) Two cross country flights of distance dM* x 1 over a triangular course, one with an outlanding at a designated point along the route.

* dM is the distance the aircraft can fly in nil wind in one hour at the manufacturer’s published cruise speed. Evidence of dM must be provided as part of the application for a Colibri award.


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