Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Kit Caddy

Call me Mr Anal, but I like to have all my kit well prepared and easy to get to....I like things in their own boxes, I like to know where everything is....

...not bad traits in a safe pilot, surely?

Now that I am hangaring my aircraft, getting ready can mean a constant back-and-forth shuttle between hangar and car...

...which is why I have adapted my cycle trailer to act as a caddy, so that I can take all my kit to the hangar in one go. This morning I made dividers so that charts and instruments are separated from helmet, bar mitts, gloves and headphones, which in turn are separated from flying suit. It all fits rather well.

The snug lid has a galvanised tray fixed to it to allow me to work on the trike without losing washers, etc. And the tray is useful for carrying a toolbox (iconic American lunch box I bought at a yard sale donkeys' years ago and for which I have never had a use) and 5 litre fuel container. I need to make a means to secure my propeller case to the lid too. I have made a quick release for the two part trailer arm, allowing it to be put in the boot easily.

All in all, a very satisfying result.

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