Sunday, 21 February 2010


The report was made 4 minutes ago, at 14:49 UTC
Wind 7 mph from west/northwest
Temperature 4°C
Humidity 93%
Pressure 990 hPa
Visibility greater than 10 km
Overcast at a height of 1400 ft
light rain

taken from allmetsat

I really must try to trust my own judgements. I said things would improve. That rain is getting lighter, viz is improving, wind is dropping and the TAFs for Birmingham and for Cambridge look great...

....and I am at home.



jeff said...

Hi Peter,

Great weather on the East Coast of Australia for Dragonflying at the moment. I have about 5hrs on this little machine and I'm loving it! Jeff.

Tinworm said...

Nice one Jeff!

wish I could join you.