Sunday, 28 February 2010

Post Mortem -almost

Not strictly a post mortem....hopefully my plane isn't really dead....but I went back to Sutton Meadows today and unpacked my wing, which was in the wing-bag Dave Broom lent me. We'd done a very rushed pack last night and I didn't want to risk nasty creases and mildew, and wouldn't have been able to get back there for a week.

There was nobody else up there as it was a miserable day with 20mph+ winds and driving rain, and of course that meant an in-hangar rigging, which was incredibly tricky on space, but eventually I managed to get it on its wing-trolley and manoeuvred into its bay. The rigging itself was straight-forward. I am getting a bit of a dab hand at it. Camming-over at the wing-tips used to feel nigh on impossible, and I despaired of being able to tension at the keel.....but now it is just easy.

I didn't have time to start the engine, though I did give it a look-over but couldn't find anything obvious. I refitted the fuel tank and the re-charged battery, the seat bucket ....and the padding I forgot to take up yesterday.

Next week I will suss out what was wrong with the engine. It'll be nice not having to worry about weather; I will have a good reason to go whatever it is doing.

On the way back I got a puncture, most likely caused by hitting a hole in that bloody awful track from Sutton to Chatteris (as the washes have flooded the Sutton road) and ended up having to change the wheel by the roadside. There is a moral here too: make sure the spare is full of air! Mine wasn't and I had to limp it to a garage, where the unlit pump had one of those tiny windows clouded with condensation. Consequently I over-filled it. When I found a more modern pump, I found I had put 36psi in a 29psi tyre!!! That was yet another drama waiting to happen.


Simon R said...

Haha - some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed!

Glad you got home safely and I hope it's nothing serious that stopped the engine. It'd be very good if you can find a definite cause so you can make sure it'll not happen again!

Tinworm said...

I have had a run of them, Simon. Today I had to get a colleague to jump-start my van as I had drained the battery leaving my lights on! Me culpa, should have known better.

will post the cause as soon as I know it.