Thursday, 18 February 2010

A lark in the fog

Trusting Metcheck for your weather forecasts is like searching under a streetlamp for something you lost at night somewhere along the road, because that is where there is most light. Metcheck is rubbish, but so easy to understand! Reading the TAFs and Metars can be tricky....but at least there is a decent chance of not finding yourself up at an airfield, hoping to fly, waiting for the fog to clear.

The BBC forecast very poor visibility. But Metcheck said I'd be able to see 20 kilometres! Lizzie says that my problem is that I cannot be objective when reading the weather; I choose the forecast which gives the greatest hope of flying. I am going to have to stop doing that.

My absurd optimism put me at the airfield this morning, unable to see the windsock from the carpark. But, forever hopeful that the fog would blow away, I set about doing various maintenance jobs, including mounting the recharged battery, fitting the prop and then making sure the engine would start, which it did easily. Phew.

All this was achieved with my new maintenance old wooden screws box fits nicely in the galvanised tray on top of my caddy box lid, and in it I have put locking wire, washers, pliers etc.

Securing the battery contacts in place was done with locking pliers I acquired while at Sywell 18 months ago:- I rescued an old metal trunk from a skip after someone at the airfield had been having a clearout, ground the lock off and found it had loads of old kit in it, including the locking pliers, some spanners, a Flylight triangles of velocities board which had been cut in half but is fine (Ben explained how to use it when I did my Nav) and some other bits and pieces - quite a haul!

The reality of the weather situation was starting to sink in so, for a lark, and as there was nobody around to disapprove, I did something I have wanted to try for ages (though one day I want to do it on concrete). I drove my Dragonfly trike around without the wing on...and I filmed it using a camera boom made from a wing batten I found at the back of the hangar.

makeshift camera boom

Watch the film below.

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