Friday, 19 February 2010

storage compartment on Dragonfly

One thing the Dragonfly lacks is storage space. I liked Steve Wilson's compartment but it only works if you don't have retracting wheels. (That said, I still have it in mind to have something similar below the fuel tank in the dead space between the side panels).

My Dragonfly does not have a parachute, so I thought I would pull out the bubblewrap occupying its space at the top of the seat and the foot of the monopole and create a stowing area...large enough for a fuel filter, spare oil, a toolroll, logbook, lunch, marsbars, wallet etc.

The cubby hole will also solve another problem presented by not having a chute, which is that as the bag is not rigid, the velro which holds it to the head restraint panel does not line up very well and the bag tends to sag.

What I made today solves all these problems. Weight is added (800g) but that is a fraction of the weight of a chute and it adds lots of functionality.
I used very thin steel sheet and it is held together with duct tape.
There is some finishing off to do, but it is essentially done.

Here you can see my flying journal sitting in the compartment
...and there is loads more space.

Now that the bag is rigid, closing it will be a lot easier than it has been too.

One other job I did today is just visible in the pic above. There is a small panel which is secured at the top of the head restraint panel, just in front of the monopole. Mine has been slightly too long, so that it hasn't quite fitted, and has tended to jut forward by about 2mm. So today I filed it down and refitted it.

I am thoroughly pleased with today's progress and am looking forward to seeing how well it works in practice.

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