Sunday, 21 February 2010

Steve is right, I need a hobby; something productive to do when it is not flyable. So I am going back to my badly neglected Austin 101 restoration. Seeing the cab emerge from under a clutter of tools, when I tidied the workshop this afternoon, tugged at my J-Type heart strings. It has been at least 18 months since I did anything on her, and it it ate years of time before that (I have had to teach myself everything as I have gone along - mechanics, metalwork, welding, etc), but I have started, so I'll finish.

And when the weather is good, I will drop everything and go flying.



Unknown said...

Hi mate,

Have you worked out why your motor stopped? I have just been sent a new carbie manifold as there are reports of the plastic one cracking and splitting. The replacement sent free of charge is metal.


Tinworm said...

no jeff, not yet. My manifold looked ok and I prefer rubber ones anyway. I remember my metal carb manifold on my Lambretta was too rigid and my fuel used to froth. But if it is down to the rubber cracking, I shall ask Ben or Bailey for the mod.

cheers mate