Thursday, 11 September 2008

Build your own sub-115kg aeroplane using ladders

The GA graphic above came from a Google search and can be found on this interesting forum, which has lots of amazing Pouchel variants, like the ones below and at the top.

I have been corresponding with a very interesting chap who has been researching Flying Flea construction for two years and intends to build one with the fuselage of an HM14 and the wing of a Pouchel. The Pouchel you may have heard about; it's the one made out of ladders! And if you watch this slideshow you will see why this development of the same is so interesting. It looks incredibly simple to build.

My correspondent (I haven't asked him yet if I can use his name on here) sent me a Word document which shows actual ladders being used in the construction of the wing and the fuselage (I got this general arrangement photo via Google). He is confident that a sub-115kg aircraft will be possible using this structure...and I am incredibly intrigued. What the document he sent shows is that the ribs, which are foam, are constructed around the wing ladder. Brilliant!

Have a look at the videos, bottom right of the blog. And have a look at It is fascinating!


madman said...

Have a mate here who is about to start the build on an electric version of this cute little aircraft

a message from Mr Tinworm said...

Interesting! I'd love to see that.

Anonymous said...

what about that Word drwing...where can i find it?

Tinworm said...

will see what I can do, clanon, but this is a four year old article. Not sure I still have the document. Let me have your email address....(mine is on the right) and I will email it to you if I find it (if I can even remember what it looked like)