Sunday, 14 September 2008

Ground solo ;)

After landing for about the fourth time this evening I taxyed up alongside Cath, as she was pulling in a tow rope, so that Neill could quickly check with her about gliding launches, and she nodded to me, smiled and shouted, "Good landing . . .". I smiled and then, " . . .the rest were crap!". Neill laughed, "she says it like it is".

I don't know what it is but I just couldnt get the flare right. I suppose I just fear stalling the wing too early. It's frustrating after the morning's successes to have been tense this evening. Perhaps I can put it down to my 5 a.m. start. I'll get a good night's sleep and hopefully I will do better tomorrow.

On a more positive note, we did engine failures and I got it safely into numerous fields (only powering out at the last minute, once we knew we'd get in ok). We did one brief set at low level getting into several fields in quick succession. Very exciting.

Also, a first: a ground solo, if there is such a thing. Neill jumped out near runway 23 and let me taxy the aircraft back to the hangar alone.

I have now done 24:55, which means I have completed my initial course, or will do 5 mins after the next brakes-off. Not bad in a month and a half, especially considering the weather we've had.

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