Sunday, 14 September 2008

"Was that beautiful landing yours?"

I had a blissful 35 minutes airborne this morning. It would have been longer but the ground over base leg was getting pretty thermic and as I had done 3 really good landings, we decided to leave it on a high.

Those landings! Wow, I really think I may have cracked it. I rounded out just right and waited, and waited....and the GT450 tends to fly for ever...but I flared, pushing the bar all the way out at just the right moment, three times in a row. It was smooth - no ballooning, bounces or anything.

As I walked across the grass to the hangar, a chap pre-flighting his aeroplane asked, "was that beautiful landing yours?". He looked at me, then at if he imagined that Neill had taken over.

That felt great.

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