Sunday, 1 February 2009


A friend just sent me this, wondering if it might be a hoax. What I have seen (first few seconds of it), it isn't. These guys are really flying....not just falling, but actually controlling their descent...then pulling parachutes at the last second. Amazing stuff!

BASE = bridge, antennae, spans, Earth...the 4 types of high places you need to have jumped from with a parachute in order to qualify as one of the elite free-fallers. It is an extreme sport which captured my imagination about ten years ago when I read a book by a guy called Simon Jenkins, who described the anarchic business of circumventing security systems to get to the top of places that are great to jump off.

You need to be a pretty experienced parachutist to do this because you have to pull your own rip-cod from very low down and be able to judge it in extreme conditions. I bet that many who have died did so because they simply got distracted by the "rush" and opened too low. But there is nobody to stop someone trying BASE if you are not a parachutist; after all BASE is about breaking the rules and living to tell the tale.

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