Friday, 20 February 2009

Mock result

Really annoyed with myself for getting 4 out of 32 wrong = 87.5% right. Can't wait for Neill to tell me what I got wrong, but he tells me that the real test is one and a half hours long and has 20 questions, whereas I did my 32 questions in half that time. Apparently I got a couple of my mistakes in my first 20, so if I have twice as long as I took and fewer questions, there really should be no reason why I shouldn't get 100%. 70% is pass mark, so I am encouraged, anyway.


Just talked to Neill. My mistakes were of the general knowledge variety and one conversion error, so nothing to worry about. Glad my plots, triangles and 1-in-60 rules calculations were all sound, anyway.

I am taking the exam on Monday and Neill thinks we may get to fly my first revision hours too, as Sywell is now allowing flying again. Some wind is forecast, but nothing too worrying. Can't wait!

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