Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Plodding Plotter

Last night (the small hours of the morning actually, which is when my brain clicks into life) I worked steadily through 100 Navigation questions which I got from Pegasus Flight Training in 2001 ....and I got them all right! All of them.

But there is a catch.

It took me hours. Sure, it was great revision and not only did I do it competently, but I enjoyed enormously. But it did take me ages! Must find out today how many questions are on the real paper because I don't think I could get through 100 in an hour or even and hour and a half.

I found that I could use my whizz-wheel for conversions easily (gallons to litres, km or miles to knots, etc), that I'd forgotten how to use it for wind drift, but that I was able to plot triangles of velocities on paper for this. Grid references were easy enough to find and the whole plotting and answering questions about the route, and the 1-in-60 questions were fun (using my Dotty Dog).

I really had a ball. And if I had enough time I know I would be fine on the exam...but I am a plodding plotter...and I fear that I will run out of time on the day.

Tonight - well, probably closer to 2 a.m (must talk to Irwin about setting exam at that time, hehe) I will do a mock test that Neill has set me.


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