Monday, 23 February 2009

I failed!

The taller they are, the harder they fall - and pride comes before a fall provide the basis of a mixed metaphor which I can work on when I am not rushing to get ready for school, but there is nothing more humbling, barring crashing on your first solo, which one consoling voice soothed my anguish with today, than getting 87.5% on Mock and 45 on the real thing. I failed miserably.

But once I got it all in perspective, I realised that I feel more angry than disappointed because nothing in my mock prepared me for the format of the exam, about which more tomorrow. I did make some very silly mistakes....but I put those down to the panic and stress caused by being presented with two tasks which were not on any of the 4 mocks I did: analysing a document and doing a full plan BEFORE answering the questions about teh route. In the mocks, the process unfolds bit by bit, so that one piece of information informs another....and you know you are building it up logically, but when you have to plan it all in advance, you don't spot any errors and the errors are compounded.

Realising this put me in a spin, so that in no time at all I made a fundamental error through stress alone, which affected my over-all journey length, airtime, groundspeed, fuel burn etc!!

So, even though the examiner said my manipulation of formulae, 1-in-60 rule, triangles and route planning were all fine, I still dropped umpteen marks. Jeeeezus!

Depressed and angry now. Not a good end to the half term.

On the plus side, I did fly (solo) and did manage to land right on the numbers three times in a row.

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