Sunday, 1 February 2009

fine button operation with gloves on

Update: Since writing this entry, Stewart Bond has convinced me that watch altimeters are too inaccurate to rely on in flight, and in fact a seller on ebay revealed that they sample only every minute, so they don't give real-time readings anyway. I may well get a Digifly after all. But I like the idea of the gizmo below, even for the chance just to enjoy making it. I may make it for my stopwatch.

Have been thinking about getting an altimeter watch, but wondered how I would cope with little buttons while wearing gloves. This is one solution I think it would be easy to knock up. I would probably do it in brass, for ease of construction, but if your brazing isn't up to it, quite honestly it could be done in wood - simply drill the sleeves in a block of wood and insert loose dowels. The only real weak point would be relying on the watch button springs to pop the buttons back out, though it would be possible to put springs in the sleeves, I suppose.

Of course I don't intend to wear the watch. The idea is that it would be strapped to the base bar.

(apologies for the crude artwork, knocked up on Paint)

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